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  • dearlion

    dearlion (世事是如何難料的)

    "I really like you,Midori.A lot." "How much is a lot?" "Like a spring bear."I said. "A spring bear?"Midori looked up again."What's that all about?A spring bear." "You're walking through a field all by yourself one day in spring,and this sweet little bear cub with velvet fur and shiny little eyes comes walking along.An...

    2012-10-25 09:23   3人喜欢

  • dearlion

    dearlion (世事是如何難料的)

    I think of you and Reiko and the aviary while I lie in bed after waking up in the morning.I think about the peacock and pigeons and parrots and turkeys - and about the rabbits.I remember the yellow raincapes you and Reiko wore with the hoods up that rainy morning.It feels good to think about you when I'm warm in bed.I feel as if you're curled up there beside me,fast asleep.And I think how g...   (1回应)

    2012-10-24 10:33   1人喜欢

  • honeywind

    honeywind (等待花开的声音)

    More than once I tried stretching my hand out in the dark. My fingers touched nothing. The faint glow remained, just beyond my grasp.

    2011-06-27 04:25   1人喜欢

  • showeryhe

    showeryhe (开心每一天!)

    i straightened up and looked out of the window at the dark clouds hanging over the North Sea, thinking of all i had lost in the course of my life: times gone for ever, friends who had died or disappeared, feelings i would never know again.

    2018-08-22 13:24

  • Kitty


    Norwegian Wood is written by Haruki Murakami. And I read the version translated from the Japanese by Jay Rubin. The story is filled with an atmosphere of sorrow and ache. It is mainly a story among our protagonist Watanabe and his four female friends, including two lovers. All of those four women in this novel have a tragic life. They have been treated unfairly and lived in unease, which made m...

    2018-08-08 00:52

  • RyoKogai


    My arm was not the one she needed, but the arm of someone else. My warmth was not what she needed, but the warmth of someone else. I felt almost guilty being me.

    2017-09-20 18:59

  • RyoKogai


    "I suppose I don't really understand you yet," I said. "I'm not all that smart. It takes me a while to understand things. But if I do have the time, I will come to understand you - better than anyone else in the world."

    2017-09-13 18:06

  • 少玩游戏多看书


    "I know I have a pretty good sense for music, but she was better than me. I used to think it was such a waste! I thought,if only she had started out with a good teacher and received the proper training, she'd be so much farther along!' But I was wrong. She wasn't the kind of child who could stand proper training. There just happen to be people like that. They're bless...

    2017-04-16 17:54

  • 少玩游戏多看书


    "Waiting for the perfect love?" "No, even I know better than that. I'm looking for selfishness. Perfect selfishness. Like, say I tell you I want to eat strawberry shortbread. And you stop everything you're doing and run out and buy it for me. And you come back out of breath and get down on your knees and hold this strawberry shortbread out to me. And I say I don't want it any more and throw it ...

    2017-04-08 18:10

  • 少玩游戏多看书


    "I wanted to go to an absolutely ordinary State school with ordinary people where I could relax and have fun like an ordinary teenager. But my parents thought it would look good for me to go to this fancy place. They're the ones who stuck me in here. You know: that's what happens when you do well in primary school. The teacher tells your parents "With marks like hers, she ought to go there.' So...

    2017-04-08 17:20

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