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  • 给我肉。

    给我肉。 (噗...月处)

    译本 城市的两重性特点:它把最大限度的保护作用和最大程度的侵略动机融于一身,它提供了最广泛的自由和多样性,而同时又强制推行一种彻底的强迫和统治制度。 城市的作用在于改造人。 城市总体规划中的几何学形式一旦确立之后,也会渗透到它的建筑概念中去。 美学秩序和道德秩序之间一再发生的那种失调状态 在城市规划中,最初的投资少并不一定意味着节约;因为,如果城市所必需的公用事业是经很妥善的设想而建造出来的,那么...

    2014-12-14 11:48

  • 一凹


    Human life swings between two poles: movement and settlement. The city of the dead antedates the city of living. In one sense, indeed, the city of the dead is the forerunner , almost the core, of every living city. At this point (the mesolithic period) the archaeologist begins to find definite traces of permanent settlement, from India to the Baltic area: a culture based on the use of shellf...

    2014-01-18 01:27

  • bottle

    bottle (让世界到此为止)

    and I have demonstrated, I trust, that the city will have an even more significant part to play in the future than it has played in the past, if once the original disabilities that have accompanied it through history are sloughed off.

    2013-06-01 11:30

  • bottle

    bottle (让世界到此为止)

    Well, it seems to me that the pleasantest, yes, and most profitable side of city life is society and human intercourse, and that, by Zeus, is truly a city where these are most found. It is good to talk and better to listen, and best of all to give advice, to sympathize with one's friends' experience, sharing their joys and sorrows and getting like sympathy from them--these and countless other bles...

    2012-06-05 20:42

  • bottle

    bottle (让世界到此为止)

    As the inner life of the Greek city disintegrated, the outer aspect of the city showed a far higher degree of formal order and coherence. ...yes: for it shows a partial failure to understand and successfully direct the forces of urban development. One cannot conceal the weaknesses of early municipal housekeeping. But perhaps it is the conventional town planner's dream that deserves even more to co...

    2012-06-05 19:55

  • bottle

    bottle (让世界到此为止)

    They looked for small elegances to console them for a politically empty life. Increasingly they lost both the will to struggle for freedom and the incentives that would have made that struggle meaningful; and they covered over their vacuity, moral internees, and anxiety by demanding more of the goods that money would buy.

    2012-06-05 19:31



The City in History

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