The Aleph and Other Stories 短评

  • 0 我就不 2019-06-29

    并没有从头到尾读完。更喜欢 The Maker 的小短篇

  • 0 SUY 2018-11-10

    (只看了Deutsches Requiem... 难受 之后有空补 all men are born either Aristotelians or Platonists...

  • 0 upsidedowndemi 2017-06-02

    上个星期梦里都是aristotle的石膏脸 很可怕

  • 0 NGC1672 2017-06-12


  • 1 白色潮退 2011-12-31

    how the worlds and dreams one has witnessed die with him, and yet how they are relived across a gulf of time, distance and culture. how the dimensions beyond the four we are acquainted with twist and mystify our lives and histories. how closest resemblances engender exotic imaginations and how wildest imaginations belie striking resemblances.

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