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  • 空城

    空城 (放下我执)

    "The smooth space arising from the city are not only those of world wide organization, but also a counterattack combining the smooth and the holey and turning back against the town: sprawling, temporary, shifting shantytowns of nomads and cave dwellers, scrap metal and fabric, patchwork, to which the striations of money, work, or housing are no longer even relevent. An explosive misery secreted...

    2017-12-10 05:30

  • F–A♭–F

    F–A♭–F (野生神经病)

    That is why we cannot accept a thesis like Lorenz's, which tends to make aggressiveness the basis of the territory: the territory would then be the product of the phylogenetic evolution of an instinct of aggression, starting at the point where that instinct became intraspecific, was turned against the animal's own kind. A territorial animal would direct its aggressiveness against members of its ow...

    2016-05-20 17:26

  • 地下室生活-JL

    地下室生活-JL (fiddle_eye_fee)

    Freud tries to unified the multiplicity into one thing. "But Freud wants the dream to signify the death of someone." ...All of these things are irreducible but bring us to a certain status of the formations of the unconscious. 1: What is body without organs? "A body without organs is not an empty body stripped of organs, but a body upon which that which serves as organs (wolves, ...

    2014-04-08 11:14

  • 晨光荣耀

    晨光荣耀 (监控太多,隐私不够用了)

    Must a distinction then be made between two kinds of languages, "high" and "low," major and minor? The first would be defined precisely by the power (pouvoir) of constants, the second by the power (puissance) of variation. We do not simply wish to make an opposition between the unity of a major language and the multiplicity of dialects. Rather, each dialect has a zone of transi...

    2013-02-16 13:11

  • 晨光荣耀

    晨光荣耀 (监控太多,隐私不够用了)

    Words are not tools, but we give children language, pens, and notebooks as we give workers shovels and pickaxes. A rule of grammar is a power marker before it is a syntactical marker. The order does not refer to prior significations or to a prior organization of distinctive units. Quite the opposite. Information is only the strict minimum necessary for the emission, transmission, and observation o...

    2013-02-16 13:08



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