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  • 洝尔纪


    it's totally whilde! most of the quotes are from the extraodinary Lord Henry. Beauty knowledge would be fatal. It is the uncertainty that charms one. beauty is a form of genius---- is higher, indeed, than genius, as it needs no explanation. It is of the great facts of the world, like sunlight, or spring-time or the reflection in dark waters of that silver shell we call the moon. It cann...

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  • 酸

    But a chance tone of colour in a room or a morning sky, a particular perfume that you had once loved and that brings subtle memories with it, a line from a forgotten poem that you had come across again, a cadence from a piece of music that you had ceased to play--I tell you, Dorian, that it is on things like these that our lives depend.

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  • 吉川春代


    Bur beauty, real beauty, ends where an intellectual expression begins. Conscience and cowardice are really the same things, Basil. P10 A curious instinct of terror came over me. I knew that I had come face to face with some one whose mere personality was so fascinating that, if I allowed it to do so, it would absorb my whole nature, my whole soul, my very art itself. I did not want any exter...

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  • 核桃很睿智

    核桃很睿智 (自律才会有自由...)

    " ...I am telling you the truth. There is a fatality about all physical and intellectual distinction, the sort of fatality that seems to dog through history the faltering steps of kings. It is better not to be different from one's fellows. The ugly and the stupid have the best of it in this world. They can sit at their ease and gape at the play. If they know nothing of victory, they are at leas...

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  • Starfield45


    I should fancy that the real tragedy of the poor is that they can afford nothing but self-denial

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  • 引歌

    引歌 (遇事多与自己商量)

    "A man can be happy with any woman, as long as he does not love her."

    2012-11-24 12:36

  • 豆瓣花


    Ilustrations in the Book Yes, he was certainly wonderfully handsome, with his finely-curved scarlet lips, his frank blue eyes, his crisp gold hair. There was something in his face that made one trust him at once. All the candour of youth was there, as well as all youth's passionate purity. One felt that he had kept himself unspotted from the world. No wonder Basil Hallward worshipped him. 是的...

    2018-11-04 23:50

  • 豆瓣花


    Ilustrations in the Book The wind shook some blossoms from the trees, and the heavy lilac-blooms, with their clustering stars, moved to and fro in the languid air. A grasshopper began to chirrup by the wall, and like a blue thread a long thin dragon-fly floated past on its brown gauze wings. 风把树上一些盛放的花朵吹落下来,繁密的紫丁香,带着一簇簇繁星般的小花,在慵懒的风中前后摇晃。蚱蜢在墙边唧...

    2018-10-31 17:28

  • yvetterowe

    yvetterowe (在你心里我也许只是你欣赏的风景)

    We can forgive a man for making a useful thing as long as he does not admire it. The only excuse for making a useless thing is that one admires it intensely. All art is quite useless. But beauty, real beauty, ends where an intellectual expression begins. Intellect is in itself a mode of exaggeration, and destroys the harmony of any face. The moment one sits down to think, one becomes all nose, ...

    2018-09-23 13:29

  • 木头慧心

    木头慧心 (一步一个脚印)

    When a woman marries again, it is because she detested her first husband. When a man marries again, it is because he adored his first wife. Women try their luck; men risk theirs."

    2018-03-13 21:08

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