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  • tyatismia


    12. Choose a suitable design and hold to it 行文前的构思 13.Make the paragraph the unit of composition 一篇稍长的文章包含的两部分: A. Account of the work B.Critical discussion 在论述和议论文中需要注意的三原则: a.主题句放在开头 b.后面的内容解释、支持或发展主题句 c.最后的句子强调中心或申明结论 通常,一篇文章要求有几个分论点。每段开头需要有明显的表示承上过渡或点明本段作用的句子。可用..

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  • 叶静

    叶静 (心系于所缘)

    插入语应位于两个逗号之间 e.g. The base way to see a country , unless you are pressed for time, is to travel on foot. 决不可以省略一个逗号而保留另一个,错误的e.g.: Marjorie's husband, Colonel Nelson paid us a visit yesterday. 错误的e.g. : My brother you will be pleased to hear, is now in perfect health. 日期通常包含插入的词或数字,这样显示: February to ...

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  • Etine

    Etine (Mercury is mercurial.)

    "Writing is , for most, laborious and slow. The mind travels faster than the pen; consequently,writing becomes a question of learning to make occasional wing shots,bringing down the bird of thought as it flashes by. A writer is a gunner,sometimes waiting in his blind for something to come in, sometimes roaming the countryside hoping to scare something up. Like other gunners,he must cultivate ...

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  • 三諼愺

    三諼愺 (LA VITA È BELLA.)

    feature 跟 factor 一样通常对句子毫无意义。 fix 应当作为 to make firm 或 to place definitely 使用。 folk,同 people 一样是集合名词,仅用单数。 用 have got 而不是 have gotten。 hopefully 的原意为 with hope。 不要把 however 放在句首。 imply 和 infer 不可交换使用。 in regard to = as regards inside of 中的 of 代表 “in less than“ 时需要,其余情况 of 是多余的。 不要在名词后加上后缀 -ize 使之成...

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  • 三諼愺

    三諼愺 (LA VITA È BELLA.)

    1. Form the possessive singular of nouns by adding 's.除了古代以 -es 或 -is 结尾的专有名词,Jesus',for conscience' sake。 通常 Moses' laws 这种形式的会被替换成 the laws of Moses。 不定代词用 ' 来代表所属关系,如 one's rights。 2. In a series of three or more terms with a single conjunction, use a comma after each term except the last.例如写成 red, white, and blue;但是在列举商业公司时最后..

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  • tyatismia


    1. Form the possessive singular of nouns by adding 's 母语人士也容易搞错的its和it's 2.In a Series of three or more terms with a single conjunction, use a comma after each term except the last. 序列逗号又叫牛津逗号(Oxford comma)、哈佛逗号(Harvard comma) 另附无节操漫画一则: 3.Enclose parenthetic expressions between commas 用前后逗号隔开插入语 日期的写法: February to July, 1992 Apr...

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  • 月之火


    The proper place in the sentence for the word or group of words that the writer desires to make most prominent is usually the end. The other prominent position in the sentence is the beginning. Any element in the sentence other than the subject becomes emphatic when placed first. To receive special emphasis, the subject of a sentence must take the position of the predicate. The end of ...

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  • 琴鍵上de小呔陽

    琴鍵上de小呔陽 (could you break my fall)

    12. Choose a suitable design and hold to it. The first principle of composition, therefore, is to foresee or determine the shape of what is to come and pursue that shape. A sonnet is built on a fourteen-line frame, each line containing five feet. Hence, sonneteers know exactly where they are headed, although they may not know how to get there. The more clearly the writer perceives th...

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  • 牛语

    牛语 (腰疼的社畜)

    The increasing reluctance of the sun to rise, the extra nip in the breeze, the patter of shed leaves dropping — all the evidences of fall drifting into winter were clearer each day. 这句话换成colon就不对了,必须把两边的话反过来才行。但是反过来之后整个句子就显得好严肃无趣。。。果然还是这样倒置了之后用俏皮的dash比较舒畅呢!!! 不过严肃的学术写作应该不会太出现这种情形吧。。。   (1回应)

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  • 牛语

    牛语 (腰疼的社畜)

    A colon tells the reader that what follows is closely related to the preceding clause. The colon has more effect than the comma, less power to separate than the semicolon, and more formality than the dash. 别的还没什么,最后一个information啊:and more FORMALITY than the dash!!! 一直以为dash挺优雅的啊,跟个傲娇小插叙似的,原来没有colon高端大气上档次啊。。。 长记性了,写作,尤其是GRE...

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The Elements of Style, Fourth Edition

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