《The Cat Inside》的原文摘录

  • /May 4, 1985. I am packing for a short trip to New York to discuss the cat book with Brion. In the front room where the kittens are kept, Calico Jane is nursing one black kitten. I pick up my Tourister. It seems heavy. I look inside and there are her other four kittens. "Take care of my babies. Take them with you wherever you go."/ (查看原文)
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  • I am selecting cat food at the pet shop in Dillon's supermarket and I meet an old woman. Seems her cat won't eat any cat food with fish in it. Well, I tell her, mine are just the opposite. They /prefer/ the fishy foods like Salmon Dinner and Seafood Supper. "Well," she says, "they certainly are company." And what can she do for her company when there is no Dillon's and no pet shop? What can I do? I simply could not stand to see my little cats hungry. (查看原文)
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  • Thinking back to early adolescence, I recall a recurrent sensation of cuddling some creature against my chest. It is not a human baby and it is not an animal. Not exactly. It is part human and part something else. I can recall an occasion in the house at Price Road. I must be twelve or thirteen. I wonder what it is... a squirrel?... not quite. I can't see it clearly. I don't know what it needs. I do know that it trusts me completely. Much later I was to learn that I am cast in the role of the Guardian, to create and nurture a creature that is part cat, part human, and part something as yet unimaginable, which might result from a union that has not taken place for millions of years. (查看原文)
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  • I have become in the last few years a dedicated cat lover, and now the creature is clearly recognized as a cat spirit, a Familiar. Certainly it partakes of the cat, and other animals as well: flying foxes, bush babies, the gliding lemurs with enormous yellow eyes that live in trees and are helpless on the ground, ringtailed lemurs and mouse lemurs, sables, raccoons, minks, otters, skunks and sand foxes. (查看原文)
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