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  • michi

    michi (宇宙里有什么不是暂时。)

    六岁的Ender离开地球时。 Later, though, he would remember that it was even before he left Earth that he first thought of it as a planet, like any other, not particularly his own. 日后,他回忆起此时,才意识到,他在离开地球前就已经将地球看做一个行星,就像任何其他行星一样,而不是他自己的行星。 一些有意思的哲学思辨。 Human beings are free except when humanity needs them. 人是自由的,除了整个种...

    2014-02-15 10:36   2人喜欢

  • 肉包子


    安德的天才不仅体现在他的智商上,还体现在他的情商上。初次与Bonzo见面,就开始观察和分析他的性格特点。当发现自己被Bonzo排斥在小分队之外时,迅速为自己在队内找到盟友,并为自己的训练找到解决方案——与自己过去的同伴练习。 Bonzo对安德的愤怒来自于内心的虚弱——在团队利益面前他选择捍卫个人权威。当他得知安德与低一级的学员一起训练后,他的第一反应不是为安德的刻苦训练而高兴,为自己团队可能可以多一名善征战的...

    2017-09-24 10:54

  • 核桃很睿智

    核桃很睿智 (自律才会有自由...)

    Is it some law of human nature that you inevitably become whatever your first commander was? I can quit right now, if that’s so. Your first love greatly affects how you love, and your first mentor decides how you will view the world. Your PhD advisor determines how you will treat your PhD students in the future.

    2015-05-31 09:53

  • 核桃很睿智

    核桃很睿智 (自律才会有自由...)

    The I.F. controlled a lot of things, but it didn’t control the videos and the nets. Not where Ender had grown up. In Dink’s home in the Netherlands, with three generations under Russian hegemony, perhaps it was all controlled, but Ender knew that lies could not last long in America. So he believed Russia will dominate Europe someday?Americans hate and satirize Russia.

    2015-05-31 09:45

  • 核桃很睿智

    核桃很睿智 (自律才会有自由...)

    'Listen, Ender, commanders have just as much authority as you let them have. The more you obey them, the more power they have over you.' How to turn against your boss. lol

    2015-05-31 09:41

  • 核桃很睿智

    核桃很睿智 (自律才会有自由...)

    He spoke his own name with a French accent, since the French, with their arrogant Separatism Always remember joking about Europe, what Americans like to do.

    2015-05-31 09:38

  • 核桃很睿智

    核桃很睿智 (自律才会有自由...)

    And, since a great many writers and critics have based their entire careers on the premise that anything that the general public can understand without mediation is worthless drivel, it is not surprising that they found my little novel to be despicable. If everybody came to agree that stories should be told this clearly, the professors of literature would be out of a job, and the writers of obscur...

    2015-05-31 09:29

  • 甜菜产品经理

    甜菜产品经理 (如果可以甜得比较好)

    Human beings may be miserable specimens, in the main, but we can learn, and, through learning, become decent people. The only reason you don't think gifted children talk this way is because they know better than to talk this way in front of you. Knocking him down won the first fight. I wanted to win all the next ones, too, right then, so they'd leave me alone. Human being are free except ...

    2014-11-14 20:13

  • 方方

    方方 (至少不用编织一些美丽的藉口)

    their feelings and decisions are just as real and important as any adult’s. It was a lie, of course, that it wouldn’t hurt a bit. But since adults always said it when it was going to hurt, he could count on that statement as an accurate prediction of the future. Sometimes lies were more dependable than the truth. 就是这种段落让细节熠熠生辉。 Conscripts make good cannon fodder, but for officer...

    2014-06-17 02:18

  • 莽汉.Shaun


    cliche 是个好词儿,用来骂人既不脏,还能充分表达蔑视。

    2014-03-27 22:01

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