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  • 0 Deenoir 2019-09-21

    commentary on the dramatic master in 1944. the imagined and the real, which direction, in the negative preciously the true meaning of art/potery. #宣传作为特定moralcode与艺术的本身(?)平行,或者是这个世界(人类世界)本身所决定的。 不到20页caliban独白看起来好费力

  • 0 树叶的叶 2013-12-03

    读来很抑郁,符合最近心情/For mere accuracy's stuffy sake / Gets inexplicably but maddeningly on your nerves / From exasperated bad to desperate worst

  • 0 2011-11-27

    A real book is not one that we read, but one that reads us.

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