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  • x_Nebula_x

    x_Nebula_x (autopoietic)

    对一个封闭空间旅行狂热者来说,这一章里旁征博引笔落惊风的de Certeau是神吗???这这这简直是散文诗,打得过十个Alain de Botton的那种…… The unchanging traveller is pigeonholed, numbered, and regulated in the grid of the railway car, which is a perfect actualization of the rational utopia. Only a rationalized cell travels. A bubble of panoptic and classifying order, a closed and autonomous insular...

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  • Michelle

    Michelle (早睡早起身体好!)

    Consumption is a kind of production. de Certeau develops a conceptual framework based on distinctions between producers and consumers, and strategies, uses and tactics. Producers (the strong) are those who create and maintain and impose disciplined spaces. They have the position and power to prescribe social orders and syntactical forms (discourses, timetables, procedures, the organization ...

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  • 短章

    短章 (Embracing the "everyday")

    这骂战的姿势水平真是堪比贴大字报人参公鸡呀… The unconsciousness of the group studied was the price that had to be paid (the price it had to pay) for its coherence. A society could be a system only without knowing it. Whence the corollary: an ethnologist was required to know what the society was without knowing it. Today, an ethnologist would no longer dare to say (if not to think) that. How ca...

    2015-10-29 00:35

  • 忘憂

    忘憂 (行邁靡靡 中心搖搖)

    堅定的天主教徒,似與critical而pessimistic的現代學術傳統相悖。 非常critical,但相信即使是小人物也可以抗拒宰制他的權威。 思想中值得關注的地方: 1.人如何在有極少選擇的情況下創造出相對主動的空間。

    2013-05-22 16:47

  • Michelle

    Michelle (早睡早起身体好!)

    关于"les combinatoires d'operations" The purpose of this work is to make explicit the systems of operational combination(les combinatoires d'operations) which also compose a "culture", and to bring to light the models of action characteristic of users whose status as the dominated element in society is concealed by the euphemistic term "consumers".(a status that doe...

    2012-03-15 23:01

  • Michelle

    Michelle (早睡早起身体好!)

    关于Certeau提出的以弱胜强的日常生活政治理论:tactics and strategies. 弱者运用tactics对付强者的strategies, 从土著印第安人的例子可以理解, Strategies require a subject (an enterprise or city and so on) separated from an environment. They also require a 'proper' place from which to generate relations with an exterior (their competitors or clients and so on). tactics are opportunistic, always on t...

    2012-03-14 23:46

  • totoroo

    totoroo (得入化城)

    The most important and interesting part of this book I think. the scriptual economy writing/printing--------isolation from voice and people writing and orality: two incommensurable entities. p 133 myth "I mean by 'myth' a fragmented discourse which is articulated on the heterogeneous practices of a society and which also aritculates them symbolically." ***p 134" progres...

    2012-01-20 02:12

  • totoroo

    totoroo (得入化城)

    planned city and city as outside of the panoptic power: p95 "urban life is increasingly permits the re-emergence of the element that the urbanistic project excluded. The language of power is itself 'urbanizing,' but the city if left prey to contradictory movements that counter-balance and combine themselves outside the reach of panoptic power." idle footsteps: "a style of tactil ap...

    2012-01-12 02:24

  • totoroo

    totoroo (得入化城)

    chap 4 ways of thinking embedded in ways of operating: Foucault and Bourdieu Foucault: p45"the uncertainty and the mobility of the thing in language is already significant" p 49 tactic as opposed to panopticon p51 passage from one genre to another: ethnology to sociology "practices shape the opaque reality out of which a theoretical question can arise beyond the frontiers of an...

    2012-01-01 07:03

  • totoroo

    totoroo (得入化城)

    p 2 the anonymous Other, erosion and denigration of the singular and the extraordinary p3-4 Freud wrote book about ordinary men so to assure a universality and moralist appeal of his theory p6-7 "the cleavage (between the whole and the scientific work) organizes modernity." the expert and the philosopher: expert who comes to have power/authority in everyday life: "They...

    2011-12-29 15:22

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