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  • Tango


    序幕 曾经,一座城市被分割成两部分。 一部分成为了“好的一半”,另一部分则成为了”坏的一半“。 ”坏的一半“的居民开始涌向”好的一半“,这迅速地发展成一场城市逃亡(urban exodus) 如果这种情况不被制止,那么”好的一半“的人口将翻倍,而”坏的一半“将变成幽灵城市。 在所有试图阻止这种恶性移民的尝试都失败后,坏政府用极端而粗暴的方式使用了建筑:他们建造了一道墙,将好的那部分城市围住,使移民完全无法接近。...

    2014-03-02 08:31   3人喜欢

  • Visin

    Visin (Jam poetą kresu)

    Furnished with ramps, stairs, escalators, and elevators, it gives the impression of kinetic activity, of people coming in and out of offices, going up and down stairs, stopping in coffee lounges. (Atrium)

    2017-02-22 15:39

  • 壹壹


    Throughout this study, I have sought to identify moments in which modern urban scenes do not erase, but rather stage literary, cinematic, and spatial narratives of memory in the post-dictatorial Southern Cone. In the process, I intended to demonstrate that memory remains a vital aspect of everyday life and, therefore, continues to imprint the cityscape beyond those sites designated as official ...   (3回应)

    2013-12-19 10:11


    EST_YAO (稻草人在无歌的时代里哭泣)

    At first sight, the size of the program--its possible delusions of grandeur--seems overwhelmingly at odds with the fragrant, almost virginal beauty of the site. In a context of systematically compromised authenticity, it seemed cruel and unusual to destroy part of its remaining natural qualities. Were these boulevards and axes dreams of Africa? Should they be answered? What could be the status ...

    2013-05-19 09:10


    EST_YAO (稻草人在无歌的时代里哭泣)

    , its aim a montage of maximum possibility collected from any point, lifted from any context, pilfered from any ideology. It promises the final installment of the Promethean soap opera.

    2013-05-09 11:55


    EST_YAO (稻草人在无歌的时代里哭泣)

    Globalization lends virtuality to real buildings, keeps them indigestible, forever fresh.

    2013-05-09 11:52


    EST_YAO (稻草人在无歌的时代里哭泣)

    The cumulative effect of all this vacancy-- this systematic lack of commitment-- is, paradoxically, density. The typical American downtown is a brute accumulation of Typical Plans, a massif of indetermination, hollowness as core. The center is no longer unique but universal, no longer a place but a condition.

    2013-05-09 10:20


    EST_YAO (稻草人在无歌的时代里哭泣)

    All other architecture preempts the future; Typical Plan-- by making no choices-- postpones it, keeps it open forever.

    2013-05-09 10:15


    EST_YAO (稻草人在无歌的时代里哭泣)

    The appeal of rationalism lies in the chaste economy of the imagination that it postulates: it asserts that it is redundant and even dangerous to invent or replace forms of urban organization-- the street, the plaza, etc.-- that have been perfected over centuries. Within this restoration of sanity, it is disconcerting that everything the 20th century contributed to the historic sequence-- new t...

    2013-05-08 09:43


    EST_YAO (稻草人在无歌的时代里哭泣)

    A contradiction lies at the heart of contextualist design: in the contextualists' favorite examples, these collisions and aborted utopias are literally generated by the course of events over long periods of time; but the modern contextualist is forced to telescope vicissitudes of centuries into a single moment of conception. In an act of more-or-less inspired projection, the contextualist gener...

    2013-05-08 09:13

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