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  • xiaou


    THE ELEMENTS TYPOGRAPHIC P17 One of the principles of durable typography is always legibility; another is something more than legibility: some earned or unearned interest that gives its living energy to the page. It takes various forms and goes by various names, including serenity, liveliness, laughter, grace and joy. P29

    2019-06-11 17:05

  • yz


    In a world rife with unsolicited messages, typography must often draw attention to itself before it will be read. Yet, in order to be read, it must relinquish the attention it has drawn. Typography at its best is a visual form of language linking timelessness and time. Typography is just that: idealized writing / and its normal function is to record idealized speech. Typography is to literature...

    2015-07-23 02:18

  • cognito

    cognito (grotesque accident)

    The typesetting device, whether it happens to be a computer or a composing stick, functions like a loom. And the typographer, like the scribe, normally aims to weave the text as evenly as possible.

    2014-02-09 17:11

  • cognito

    cognito (grotesque accident)

    Typography is just that: idealized writing.

    2014-02-08 17:32

  • LeeThree

    LeeThree (添加签名档)

    4.1.3 Set titles and openings in a form that contributes to the overall design. Renaissance books, with their long titles and ample margins, generally left no extra space at the heads of chapters. In modern books, where the titles are shorter and the margins have been eaten by inflationary pressure, a third of a page sometimes lies vacant just to celebrate the fact that the chapter begins. But ...

    2013-09-04 16:24

  • 辣舞斯旮雷特

    辣舞斯旮雷特 (下片如山倒 看片如抽丝)

    One em is a distance equal to the type size. 还是没有解释em是什么. 甚至没有提到M.   (6回应)

    2011-08-25 18:39

  • 辣舞斯旮雷特

    辣舞斯旮雷特 (下片如山倒 看片如抽丝)

    aperture, aces开头的部分, e的开头部分是哪里? e没有卷曲的部分呀. 0210

    2011-08-17 14:22   1人喜欢



The Elements of Typographic Style

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