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  • If you love horses you'll get horse-shit, and if you love eagles you'll get eagle-shit. (查看原文)
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  • 过了一会儿,他听见父亲吹灭灯,走回房间。他听到外面树林里刮来一阵风,感觉风裹着冷气吹进纱窗。他把脸埋在枕头里躺了很久,过了一会儿就忘了去想普罗登斯,他终于睡着了。夜里醒来,听到屋外铁杉树林里的风声,湖水涌到岸上的声音,他又睡着了。早餐,一阵大风吹来,湖水的浪头高高地打到岸边,他醒来很久才意识到自己的心已经碎了。 (查看原文)
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  • He was good and drunk. He was looking at me steady. His eyes were sort of too steady. (查看原文)
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  • Four times he swung with the bull, lifting the cape so it billowed full, and each time bringing the bull around to charge again. Then, at the end of the fifth swing, he held the cape against his hip and pivoted, so the cape swung out like a ballet dancer’s skirt and wound the bull around himself like a belt, to step clear, leaving the bull facing Zurito on the white horse, come up and planted firm, the horse facing the bull, its ears forward, its lips nervous, Zurito, his hat over his eyes, leaning forward, the long pole sticking out before and behind in a sharp angle under his right arm, held half-way down, the triangular iron point facing the bull. (查看原文)
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  • And the bull, the great, black bull, with a horse on his back, hooves dangling, the bridle caught in the horns. Black bull with a horse on his back, staggering short-legged, then arching his neck and lifting, thrusting, charging to slide the horse off, horse sliding down. Then the bull into a lunging charge at the cape Manuel spread for him. (查看原文)
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  • (Nick)"I can't stand to think about him waiting in the room and knowing he's going to get it.It's too damned awful." "Well,"said George,"you better not to think about it." (查看原文)
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  • That night we lay on the floor in the room and I listened to the silkworms eating.The silkworms fed in racks of mulberry leaves and all night you could hear them eating and a dropping sound in the leaves.I myself did not want to sleep because I had been living for a long time with the knowledge that if I ever shut my eyes in the dark and let myself go,my soul would go out of my body.I had been that way for a long time,ever since I had been blown up at night and felt it go out of me and go off and then come back.I tried never to think about it,but it had started to go since, in the nights,just at the moment of going off to sleep,and I could only stop it by a very great effort.So while now I am fairly sure that it will not really have gone out,yet then,that summer,I was unwilling to make the... (查看原文)
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  • THE hills across the calley of the Ebro were long and white. On this side there was no shade and no trees and the station was between two lines of rails in the sun. Close against the side of the station there was the warm shadow of the building and a curtain, made of strings of bamboo beads, hung across the open door into the bar, to keep out flies. The American and the girl with him sat at a table in the shade, outside the building. It was very hot and the express from Barcelona would come in fourty minutes. It stopped at this junction for two minutes and went on to Madrid. (查看原文)
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  • Manuel looked up at the stuffed bull. He had seen it often before. He fet a certain family interest in it. It had killed his brother, the promising one, about nine years ago. Manuel remembered the day. There was a brass plate on the oak shield the bull's head was mounted on. Manuel could not read it, but he imagined it was in memory of his brother. Well, he had been a good kid. The plate said: "The Bull 'Mariposa' of the Duke of Veragua, which accepted 9 varas for 7 caballos, and caused the death of Antonio Garcia, Novillero, April 27, 1909." (查看原文)
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  • THE door of Henry's lunch-room opened and two men came in. They sat down at the counter. "What's yours?" George asked them. "I don't know,” one of the men said. "What do you want to eat, Al?" "I don't know," said Al. "I don't know what I want to eat." Outside it was getting dark. The street-light came on outside the window. The two men at the counter read the menu. From the other end of the counter Nick Adams watched them. He had been talking to George when they came in. (查看原文)
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  • AFTER one Fourth of July, Nick, driving home late from town in the big wagon with Joe Garner, and his family, passed nine drunken Indians along the road. He remembered there were nine because Joe Garner, driving along in the dusk, pulled up the horses, jumped down into the road and dragged and Indian out of the wheel rut. The Indian had been asleep face down in the sand. Joe dragged him into the bushes and got back up on the wagon-box. "That makes nine of them," Joe said, "just between here and the edge of town." (查看原文)
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  • THE road of the pass was hard and smooth and not yet dusty in the early morning. Below were the hills with oak and chestnut trees, and far away below was the sea. On the other side were snowy mountains. (查看原文)
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