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洵洵GAIA 2012-01-06 07:05:06

a summary


Stan Allen is a rare architect today in that he maintains both a theoretical and built practice. Points + Lines contains a series of articulate, clearly written essays, loosely paired with projects that explore his theoretical position on architecture and i...  (展开)
Eleven1102- 2020-11-29 18:11:41


其中有一个蛮有意思的点,可能并不是非常主线的内容。 即在数字技术出现之前,每一种媒介(声音、影像、图像、文字等)都有起特殊的物质性载体,如声音,可能是黑胶、磁带,包括还有放映它们的物品黑胶唱片机、随声听?又如,影像是电影胶片,图像是胶卷,文字是书籍,而“随着...  (展开)

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