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    Her mind was like a set of Russian dolls, all nested one inside the other. blow over(麻烦、争论等)平息 It is some nonsense Nana has been putting into their heads. Leave it alone, and it will blow over. a shooting star一个流星 She looked up, and in the black night she could see nothing but a shooting star. be in the presence of a tragedy 面前发生一出悲剧 Wendy, however, felt at once that she w...

    2019-07-16 16:24

  • syoucyuuzhe

    syoucyuuzhe (Tartuffe femelle)

    Mrs. Darling first heard of Peter when she was tidying up her children's minds. It is the nightly custom of every good mother after her children are asleep to rummage in their minds and put things straight for next morning, repacking into their proper places the many articles that have wandered during the day. If you could keep awake (but of course you can't) you would see your own mother doing...

    2017-05-03 15:40

  • 落落樱花

    落落樱花 (坚持是件很牛逼的事情)

    2016-11-03 13:58

  • 行啦给你吃好吧


    as you look at Wendy you may see her hair becoming white,and her figure little again,for all this happened long ago.Jane is now a common grown-up,with a daughter called Margaret,and every spring-cleaning time,except when he forgets,peter comes for Margaret and take her to the Neverland,where she tells him stories about himself,to which he listens eagerly.When Margaret grows up she will have a d...

    2012-10-21 18:31

  • osg


    "Because they are no longer gay and innocent and heartless. It is only the gay and innocent and heartless who can fly." 千万别理解错啊,千万别看到gay就想歪了啊,这个gay不是那个gay啊,gay! 所以基佬们就尽情地飞吧,我没说是Peter啊。

    2011-07-28 20:37



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