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  • Fidodido

    Fidodido (C'est la vie!)


    2017-07-03 23:32

  • Fidodido

    Fidodido (C'est la vie!)

    Dimensionality is a function of consciousness

    2017-07-03 21:55

  • 莽草酸

    莽草酸 (硬核可爱)

    只是节选觉得特别精彩的片段,没有全文摘录。 ‘Well, you’ve heard about the privacy of the sex-uu-aal act, Let me tell you people, just for a fact, Riiiight acroooss the nay-ay-ation It’s the in-out one-two-three Grand Time Copulation.' ‘I know it’s hard, but you have to look as if you are enjoying this thing.’ (His voice rose.) ‘Some people do, you know. It’s a fuck, you understand, no...

    2014-08-08 02:07

  • BS Remover

    BS Remover (铪粑沓嚓由仏哩砌)

    里面有作者写关于看别人越野跑比赛的感受,觉得挺有意思的 I loved the racked, contorted faces if the runners as they came up with the tunnel of flags and crossed the finishing line. ... I watched them stumble up the tunnel of flags, clawing at their throats, retching, flailing their arms and falling to the grass, convinced that I had before me here a vision of human futility. ...with the differenc...

    2014-04-25 04:58

  • KidCoolAF

    KidCoolAF (码字ing)

    It's not that they are unfriendly to her or anything like that, it's just that in some way that's hard to describe they keep her apart from themselves.

    2013-11-10 20:47

  • KidCoolAF

    KidCoolAF (码字ing)

    It was strange watching Kate milk herself into a bottle. It made me think how we are just animals with clothes on doing very peculiar things, like monkeys in a tea party.

    2013-11-10 20:44

  • PurpleHg

    PurpleHg (脑残岁月囧样年华)


    2013-04-20 16:58

  • O2

    O2 (今夜我不关心人类,我只想你)

    ... They were none of them baffled by each other, these talkers and drinkers, assuming they were in some disguise they knew who they were, found it easy to talk, there was no question of being able to do what you want, when you are not yourself you are still someone, and someone has to take the blame, blame, blame for what?

    2012-12-05 12:23

  • O2

    O2 (今夜我不关心人类,我只想你)

    We heard it when we were finished and lying quite still on our backs, when we were empty and clear, perfectly quiet.

    2012-12-05 12:22

  • O2

    O2 (今夜我不关心人类,我只想你)

    Prison is a funny place. Not that it would make you laugh.

    2012-12-05 12:21

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