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  • 枯草[已注销]

    枯草[已注销] (Subtillion)

    部分翻译 =============================== 有人说“宁可永远都什么也不信,也好过信个谎言!”,这人啊只是展示了他个人对变成一个蠢货的极大恐惧……这就好像一名将军告诉他的士兵,永远不参战好过冒那仅仅增加一个伤口的风险。而对敌或对自然赢得的胜利,绝不是这么来的。我们的失误当然不是这种战战兢兢的事。有时我们全然不顾自己的小心谨慎,执意要把错误招来,在这样的世界里,某种心灵之光本身看来就要比过度紧张更加健..

    2014-12-12 12:59

  • 元非

    元非 (Trolling Alone)

    If the program Searle is hand-simulating is able to carry on an impressive conversation in Chinese, it will have to consult huge data banks not just of “sets of Chinese symbols,” as he puts it, but of everyday knowledge that Chinese speakers share, and that is the least of it. When Searle hand-simulates, does he get any hints of all this layered cognitive activity, or is it just a whole lot of ...   (3回应)

    2014-02-03 19:17

  • Ent

    Ent (料青山见我只是又特么一个灵长类)

    I-1 You can’t do much carpentry with your bare hands and you can’t do much thinking with your bare brain. —BO DAHLBOM II-2 “I have to admit,” I said, “that the views you are criticizing are simply preposterous,” and Noam grinned affirmatively, “but then what I want to know is why you’re wasting your time and ours criticizing such junk.” II-3 How to compose a suc...   (1回应)

    2013-09-18 21:12   1人喜欢

  • Lucia

    Lucia (Passionately Curious)

    This self-conscious wariness with which we should approach any intuition pump is itself an important tool for thinking, the philosophers' favourite tactic: "going meta"--thinking about thinking, talking about talking, reasoning about reasoning. Meta-language is the language we use to talk about another language, and meta-ethics is a bird's-eye view of ethical theories. As I once said to ...

    2016-06-21 00:14

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    枯草[已注销] (Subtillion)

    部分翻译: =================================================== 有些哲学教授只愿为研究生开设高级讨论班。我可不是这样。研究生经常急于向同侪和自己证明自己是行家里手,可以把行当里的黑话了然于胸运用自如,拒门外汉于千里之外(借此他们自我确认他们的行当确乎需要专业性),炫技于在最为曲折(也最为折磨)的技术性论证中披荆斩棘不失方向。为高年级研究生和同行专家写作的哲学,典型地几乎没有可读性——所以基本..   (1回应)

    2014-12-11 20:18

  • whig

    whig (吃进去是粮食,拉出来是思想)

    29. THE WANDERING TWO-BITSER, TWIN EARTH, AND THE GIANT ROBOT It may seem that by mentioning Mike’s thing about redheads and source code in the same paragraph, I am encouraging readers to ignore a crack in the foundation, indeed a yawning chasm in the middle of my discussion of intentionality: the problem of original intentionality. John Searle (1980) coined the term, and the sharp distinctio...   (5回应)

    2014-09-20 18:52

  • whig

    whig (吃进去是粮食,拉出来是思想)

    哈哈 1 My other indelible memory of that conference was of Popper’s dip in the Grand Canal. He slipped getting out of the motorboat at the boathouse of the Isola di San Giorgio and fell feet first into the canal, submerged up to his knees before being plucked out and set on the pier by two nimble boatmen. The hosts were mortified and ready to rush back to the hotel to get nonagenarian Sir Karl a...

    2014-09-17 03:25



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