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yifanknwsnth 2012-11-09 14:45:15

Against the Gods - a review of history of risk

The book was recommended by statistic and finance professors of IUB during college years. It wan't until after graduation that I started to read it, and its interesting stories certainly refreshed my memories of joys i had in statistical and finance classes...  (展开)
cunman 2015-07-01 21:01:51


花了几个月的时间,断断续续读这本英文畅销书,脑子里首先填了一堆关于赌博工具的英文单词。这是一部以概率理论发展史为主线的畅销书(在国内的话,畅销谈不上,此书的读者群较窄,针对金融理论爱好者),本书像一部记录片的脚本。题目Against the God书中主题与金融关系没那么...  (展开)
Feijilan 2014-04-14 18:07:30

Easy reading with profound insight

I recommend reading this book for several reasons: 1. It's easy to read. I would say too easy, like the author was talking to some pupils. But the insight behind is unparallelly profound. 2. The book was written beautifully and elegantly. 3. The book dep...  (展开)

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