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  • lewshaclitus

    lewshaclitus (Monster, release my master!)

    1、The best way we've found to accurately judge work is to hire the person to do a little work before we take the plunge and hire them to do a lot of work. 2、They should know what needs to be done, understand why delays might happen, be creative with solutions to sticky problems, divide the work into manageable chunks, and help put the right people on the right projects. 3、The only reliable w...

    2017-02-20 19:45

  • vangie



    2014-07-30 14:11

  • 小雪

    小雪 (smile, breathe and go slowly.)

    If we now have unlimited access to culture and entertainment from any location, why are we still willing to live bound by the original deal? The new luxury is to shed the shackles of deferred living -- to pursue your passion now, while you are still working. Your life no longer needs to divided into arbitrary phrases of work and retirement. You don't need to be extraordinarily lucky or ha...

    2014-06-26 00:50

  • 红色有角F叔

    红色有角F叔 (次元の呪い)

    Culture is the spoken and unspoken values and actions of the organization . the best cultures derive from actions people actually take, not the ones they write about a mission statement.

    2014-03-23 21:26

  • rns

    rns (在终端里听电台才是正经事~)

    有助于远程工作/协作的工具: - Basecamp ( * WebEx ( * Go-To-Meeting ( * Join.Me ( - Know Your Company ( . Skype ( . IM . Campfire ( . Google Hangouts ( - Dropbox ( - Skydrive (http://skydriv...

    2014-01-28 23:39

  • rns

    rns (在终端里听电台才是正经事~)

    37signals要求所有员工必须遵守的security checklist 1. 硬盘加密(如FileVault) 2. 禁用自动登录、唤醒电脑需要密码 3. 使用https/ssl访问所有网站 4. 确保所有平板/手机都使用锁屏密码,并能够远程擦除 5. 每个网站使用唯一的、程序生成的长密码,用密码管理软件(如1Password)管理。 6. 开启Gmail的两步验证

    2014-01-28 23:29

  • 海

    The only reliable way to muster motivation is by encouraging people to work on the stuff they like and care about, with people they like and care about.

    2014-01-02 23:27

  • 海

    Is the business we're talking about just an elaborate scheme to keep everyone in their seats for a set number of hours? Or is it rather an organization of people getting work done? If it's the latter,why not let people work the way they prefer, and judge everyone on what-not where-work is completed?

    2013-12-19 11:48

  • 海

    So why do so many of these same companies that trust "outsiders" to do their critical work have such a hard time trusting "insiders" to work from home? Why do companies have no problem working with a lawyer who works in the next town over and yet distrust their own employees to work anywhere other than their own desks? It just doesn't make sense.

    2013-12-17 16:42

  • houhr

    houhr (Where to go. Chosen by you.)

    The new luxury is the luxury of freedom and time. Once you’ve had a taste of that life, no corner office or fancy chef will be able to drag you back. Excerpt From: Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson. “Remote.” iBooks.

    2013-11-03 15:25