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  • Yume

    Yume (人生是一连串的刹那)

    Genes that predispose to depression only do so in a stressful environment. p93: stress early in life can alter your vulnerability to disease throughout your lifetime. Features that dominate as psychologically stressful: a loss of control and of predictability within certain contexts, a loss of outlets for frustration, a loss of sources of support, a perception of life worsening. —>A percept...

    2019-04-28 15:39

  • 月寒岛苦

    月寒岛苦 (一生俯首拜阳明)

    In chapter 1, I offered an explanation for this; now that the process of stress-induced immunosuppression has been explained in a little more detail, it should be obvious that my early explanation makes no sense. I suggested that during stress it is logical for the body to shut down long-term building projects in order to divert energy for more immediate needs—this inhibition includes the immun...

    2016-08-11 12:12

  • Pinutile


    所谓“心因”:A diagnosis of "psychogenic" anything (impotency, amenorrhea, abortion, and so on) is usually a diagnosis by exclusion. In other words, the physician can't find any disease or organic cause, and until one is discovered, the disorder gets tossed into the psychogenic bucket.

    2015-12-16 16:06

  • 莘莘


    ………in a Brintish Victorian family. A son, age 13, the beloved favorite of the mother, is killed in an accident. .......the mother's other 6-year-old son enters her darkened room; the mother, in her delusional state, briefly belives it is the dead son...before realizing:"it is only you". Gouwing up, being "only you.", the younger boy seizes upon this idea, by remaining a boy ...

    2014-11-05 16:11

  • 失去的想象

    失去的想象 (Blankbliss)

    想感慨几句,竟然发现豆瓣上还有读书笔记的功能,真是太感谢了,以后可以写给自己收藏起来。 自从进入三月以来,人心惶惶,倒不如说我自己的心沉入谷底,每天看到坏消息,然后变得很低沉。好在我在反思和自问的同时,想到了要为他人做点事情,虽然做得不多也在进步之中。 书非买不可读也!我借来这本书,兴奋地看了一天,然后就从外来干扰中失落得迷茫起来,直至昨天想到该还书了才又漫不经心地翻看起来,想不到发现这本书确...

    2014-03-27 12:36

  • Clyde.L

    Clyde.L (日历重度使用者)

    记录一个伟大的想法的产生: Disease cannot be appreciated without considering the person who is ill. Poor health also has something to do with poor jobs in a shrinking economy, or a diet funded by foot stamps with too many meals consisting of Coke and Cheetos, or living in a crummy overcrowded apartment close to a toxic waste dump...If we can't consider disease outside the context of the per...

    2011-12-20 22:27

  • Clyde.L

    Clyde.L (日历重度使用者)

    继《上帝也疯狂》之后,鬣狗又让我惊讶了。 我大致翻译一点: 鬣狗里面是雌性比较强势,这在哺乳动物里是比较少见的。雌鬣狗肌肉更强壮、更具有侵略性、并且有更多雄性荷尔蒙(WTF)。它们的生殖器从外观还分不出雌雄。 2000多年前,亚里士多德不知道为什么解剖了一些死鬣狗,还在他的《动物志》里说它们是雌雄同体的。实际上它们是伪雌雄同体。雌性鬣狗拥有脂肪组成的假阴囊,以及超大的、可勃起的阴蒂…… 许多社会..   (1回应)

    2011-12-20 22:22



Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers, Third Edition

>Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers, Third Edition