You're an Animal, Viskovitz的书评 (2)

莲花盛开 2008-09-22 00:38:03

Laughing-out-loud funny

One of the funniest english books I've ever come across! A blend of biology,satire and unparalleled humour, this book will make you laugh out loud. You'll learn stuff about animals that you never knew before! Also,you will gain insight into the vagaries of ...  (展开)
馒头妈妈 2008-01-04 15:58:32


好笑好看的讽刺小说,每一篇里形态都是各种各样得动物,一些词汇专业得好像我是在念生物书,无奈只好在网络查字典咯 重点是每次的结尾都黑色幽默得要死~大多数情况都是被爱人捅一刀  (展开)

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