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  • 夏草

    夏草 (心有天游)

    关于那个时代的谈情说爱。 那个时代,上流社会男女们在宴会上眉目传情。在雪白的桌布下默默地拉着手。男人说:今晚一定要见到你,你是我的生命。女人应着:今晚一定要见到你,我渴望了长久的感情。就这样简单却热烈地成就了一份爱情。谁会在乎今晚见面的时候,是在客厅,还是在后院,或是在别处。谁会在乎今晚你我会说些什么,做些什么。爱情本就如此简单,100年前还是一副没有污染的样子。今时今日,却已面目全非。 同样是那个...   (12回应)

    2012-03-30 04:58

  • 郑狗哒

    郑狗哒 (我有霹雳的手套!)

    留在神的幼儿园,还是命运的强盗店? 一:Faith? 1916年,德军在比利时上空不分昼夜地投掷着炸弹,Tietjens在轰隆声中醒来,头痛欲裂。他发现自己破败的CCS病房中,人们正用担架抬着一名被炸得支离破碎、血肉模糊,却一息尚存的护士从他身边经过。从病房另一头,冲过来一个情绪失控的陌生伤员,不由分说地、歇斯底里地掐住企图坐起身的Tietjens的脖子。人们将神智不清的陌生男人从Tietjens身上拖开,摁倒在地。男人在次日凌晨4...   (2回应)

    2014-06-13 09:58

  • 苗儿

    苗儿 (don't worry ex zilla!)

    Mark问Christopher说,Wannop家的女儿是咱爸的孩子吧?后者回答:不。她不可能是。我想过了。她今年27。她出生的前两年我们一直在第戎。Wannop他们全家那时在加拿大。Mark说:啊对啊。我们在第戎。所以她不是咱爸的孩子。这是好事。 Ford madox ford真高冷。关键是mark发问之前已经听说christopher和miss wannop是情人关系,而且她怀了他的孩子。 我就觉得Parade's end里的人物以这种缜密客观不动声色的口吻谈混乱的男女关系真...   (1回应)

    2017-01-08 20:17   1人喜欢

  • by the stairs

    by the stairs

    He felt that, if he didn't come soon to an unemotional ass in red, green, blue, or pink tabs, who would have fish-like eyes and would ask the sort of questions that fishes ask in tanks, he, too, must break down and cry. With relief! However, that was a place where men cried, too! What sort of questions DOES a fish asks in tank? XDDD

    2014-01-12 14:34   1人喜欢

  • 苗儿

    苗儿 (don't worry ex zilla!)

    第一卷第4章 General Campion to Tietjens: "..And, of course, if you have views that aren't the same as other people's, and don't keep them to yourself, other people will suspect you of immorality." 可不是么,其实很多地区/国家现在也是这样啊 *************************** Tietjens和Waterhouse吃了晚饭之后: And Tietjens...fell to wondering why it was that humanity that was next to always agreeable in ...

    2019-10-17 05:27

  • 苗儿

    苗儿 (don't worry ex zilla!)

    She considered: she had, indeed once heard Tietjens say that humanity was made up of exact and constructive intellects on the one hand and on the other of stuff to fill graveyards....Now, what had become of the exact and constructive intellects?

    2017-01-08 20:15

  • by the stairs

    by the stairs

    ...she and Sylvia were the only two human beings he had met for years whom he could respect: the one for sheer efficiency in killing; the other for having the constructive desire and knowing how to set about it. Kill or cure! The two functions of man. If you wanted something killed you'd go to Sylvia Tietjens in the sure faith that she would kill it: emotion; hope; ideal; kill it quick and sure...

    2013-12-22 21:12

  • by the stairs

    by the stairs

    ... and she could jump! For Tietjens held very strongly the theory that what finally separated the class was that the upper could lift its feet from the ground whilst common people couldn't. “把脚从地上抬起来”?hmmmmmmm.......

    2013-12-18 16:00

  • 孤岛

    孤岛 (合)

    This night before,Tietjens had given several thoughts to this young woman.General Campion had assigned her to him as maitresse du titre.He was said to have ruined himself,broken up his family and spend his wife's money on her.Those were lies.One the other hand they were not inherent impossibilities.Upon occasion and given the right woman,quite sound men have done such things.He might,heaven kno...

    2013-06-25 16:48

  • 晓晓一

    晓晓一 (A lot on my plate)

    It was an odd friendship, but the oddness of friendships are a frequent guarantee of their lasting texture. As Tietjens saw the world, you didn't talk. Perhaps you didn't think about how you felt. Disasters come to men through drink, bankruptcy and women.

    2012-09-17 08:35

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