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    -273.15℃ (克己)

    仅就如何提高效率部分作了笔记。后文关于style及不同文体的写作策略未摘录,个人认为针对后者有更多优秀的书籍可供参考(本书后附书目)。 大图见

    2013-12-25 01:40

  • 谢宛风

    谢宛风 (生年不满百。)

    SETTING GOALS 1.明确设立目标是写作的一部分 2.列出你的项目目标 3.为每天的写作时间设立集中的目标(分解&细化) examples: ·Write at least 200 words. ·Print the first draft I finished yesterday, read it, and revise it. ·Make a new list of project goals and write them on my whiteboard. ·Write the first three paragraphs of the general discussion. ·Add missing references and then reconci...   (2回应)

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  • iereen

    iereen (做个葛朗台。)

    Another way you can deal with not having anything to write is to use your scheduled writing time for professional development. One of the best tips I ever got in grad school was to "always make time to think." Grad school is hectic; it is easy to lose sight of your long-range goals when you're struggling to manage a lot of short-term deadlines. Having a few hours to yourself each week wi...

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  • 时间

    时间 (一生一世,短短长长)

    Helpful sentences: "Writing breeds good ideas for writing" p24 "Our writing is important because it's practical, clear and idea driven." p26 "Some academics are so eamored of goals, initiatives, and strategic plans that they become deans and provosts." hehe.

    2011-02-28 15:05   1人喜欢

  • 时间

    时间 (一生一世,短短长长)

    “The best kind of self control is to avoid situations that require self-control.” Somehow this statement reminds me of my dh. This is how he handled sexual tempation. I used to adore it and it imaginably carved a big mark on my yes to this marriage. But I have never thought it the other way. Indeed the same attitude can be used on anything where the battle with ourselves happens.

    2011-02-28 14:49   1人喜欢



    “Binge writting” is so true!

    2019-01-14 14:32

  • 不安份

    不安份 (别回头)

    2018-01-28 22:13

  • 愛麗絲。


    **Practical tips for writing an empirical article** 1.Outlining and prewriting 2.Title and abstract: write the last 3. Introduction: overiew of the problem; necessary theories and findings; describe your experiment and explain how they answer this question 4. Method 5. Results 6. Discussion/General discussion将研究发现与论文中心问题结合;简要总结1-2段 7. References

    2017-11-10 09:48

  • 愛麗絲。


    Your first drafts should sound like they were hastily translated from Icelandic by a nonnative speaker. Writing is part creation and part criticism, part id and part superego: Let the id unleash a discursive screed, and then let the superego evaluated it for correctness and appropriateness.

    2017-11-10 08:44

  • 大脸兔子

    大脸兔子 (心有猛虎,奋力一喵。)

    PRACTICAL TIPS FOR WRITING AN EMPIRICAL ARTICLE *Title and Abstract A title must balance generality and specificity: Say what your article is about, but don't be so specific that your article sounds technical and tedious. *INTRODUCTION -- Start your introduction with an overview of the artical, which should be only one or two paragraphs. In this overview, describe the general problem, question,...

    2017-07-17 16:50

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