• 网路揭开了什么?答案是社会围绕着女人,而不是男人转动。当男人都在看网路上的女人照片,而女人只和女人沟通。 (查看原文)
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  • No phone call was complete before each had made the other wretched. The problem, as Pip saw it-the essence of the handicap she lived with; the presumable cause of her inability to be effective at anything-was that she loved her mother. Pitied her; suffered with her; warmed to the sound of her voice; felt an unsettling kind of nonsexual attraction to her body; was solicitous even of her mouth chemistry; wished her greater happiness; hated upsetting her; found her dear. This was the massive block of granite at the center of her life, the source of all the anger and sarcasm that she directed not only at her mother but, more and more self-defeatingly of late, at less appropriate objects. Whe Pip got angry, it wasn't really at her mother but at the granite block. (查看原文)
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  • A drawback of email was that you could only delete it once: couldn’t crumple it up, fling it to the floor, stomp on it, rip it to shreds, and burn it. (查看原文)
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  • The wooden cross on the wall behind the pulpit seemed to Andreas a once magical object that had lost its mojo through overuse both for and against the state; had been dragged down to the level of sordid accommodation and dreary dissidence. (查看原文)
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