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太阳小鸟花和我 2018-08-21 23:20:41

Lincoln in the Bardo


读这本书的前20页几乎让我崩溃。 故事的开始是一段第一人称的独白. 忽然之间独白戛然而止,下方用一行小字写了下一个名字;紧接着独白变成了对白。第二个人的名字出现了。两个人有一搭没一搭的对话,谈论着自己濒死的经验,如同一出荒诞的舞台剧。后来我知道,这两个“人”甚至...  (展开)
花岛仙藏 2017-10-20 13:45:10


It just so happened that the other day a colleague's father had passed away and I didn't attend the funeral. That kind of place always gives me the chill, with no disrespect. I think it's because I've never faced the loss of a loved one, I can't feel the pa...  (展开)
齐婴宁 2019-11-18 22:16:29 時報文化2019版


阅读过程中,我常常想起《聊斋志异》,说来惭愧,聊斋我没有通读过,虽然我的网名就来自聊斋。此书能让人有聊斋之感,除了都是鬼在做主角,翻译占了很大的功劳。我已经太久没看到过如此地道的汉语翻译,甚至可以说很多地方都特别典雅。翻译何颖怡说,因为此书所描写时代为林肯...  (展开)
无忌 2020-10-17 18:59:08 時報文化2019版


小说的灵感源自林肯丧子的第二天夜访墓地,给了作者想象的空间,采用了佛教词“中阴”代表人已死但是尸体仍然有部分感知的时候,也许可以用“头七”来理解。这是一本致郁的书,由11岁的林肯之子死后在墓地等候的所见,借由众鬼讲述人生皆苦来淡化伤痛,似乎在佐证“林肯离开墓...  (展开)
Zoe 2019-07-13 19:12:20


“And as the sun came up, we prayed, each within ourselves, our usual prayer: To still be here when the sun next set. And discover, in those first moments of restored movement, that we had again been granted the great mother-gift: Time. More time.” 用死亡...  (展开)
ISHI-I-BELLA 2019-01-08 09:15:34


Loved the poignancy of the first quarter of this book, and amazed at how well the chapters comprised of quotations had worked. Tonally compassionate with his signature breezy dark humor. Saunders paints his refreshing metaphors with poetic tenderness and sw...  (展开)

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