• 我逐渐相信,每个人一生中迟早会有个时刻令他知道----无论他还懂别的什么,无论他能否说清自己所知----那件恐怖的事实:他是孤单的、分离的,他除了是他可怜的自我,就不能是别的什么了。 (查看原文)
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  • The young man,who does not know the future,sees life as a kind of epic adventure,an Odyssey through strange seas and unknown islands,where he will test and prove his powers,and thereby discover his immortality.The man of middle years,who has lived the future that he once dreamed,sees life as a tragedy;for he has learned that his power,however great,will not prevail against those forces of accident and nature to which he gives the names of gods,and has learned that he is mortal.But the man of age,if he plays his assigned role properly,must see life as a comedy.For his triumphs and his failures merge,and one is no more the occasion for pride or shame than the other;and he is neither the hero who proves himself against those forces,nor the protagonist who is destroyed by them. I determined ea... (查看原文)
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  • 我先前那些绝望之词,现在看来与我的成就并不相埒。罗马不是永恒的,这无妨。罗马将会沦陷,这无妨。野蛮人会来征服,这无妨。曾经有过落马的一瞬,他将来不会完全死灭;野蛮人将会变成他征服的罗马;那语言将会驯服他粗野的土话;他毁掉的景象将会在他血里流淌。盐海不舍昼夜载着我这孤舟浮沉价是无有的,小于无有。 (查看原文)
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  • 少年不认识自己的无知,这是幸运的;因为如果他认识,就不会有勇气去养成隐忍的习惯。也许是血肉之躯的某种本能预防了这样的认识,才让男孩可以变成男人,用一生来看见自己生存的荒诞。 (查看原文)
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  • 现在我们也同样向南航行,我们不那么笨重的船在波浪上跳舞。阳光逮着小浪尖儿上的晶莹白沫,波浪轻轻拍打我们的船身又对它私语,蓝绿色的深海几乎好像在游戏;我现在可以说服自己了:我的一生到底有某种匀称、某种意义;对这个我现在可以无憾离开的世界,我一生带来的恩惠大于伤害。 (查看原文)
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  • 不知未来的年轻人,将生活视同于史诗中的历险,一次奥德修斯之旅,穿过陌生的汪洋与无名的岛屿,其间他将会试炼并证明自己的力量,从而发现自己有不死之身。中年人活过了自己度梦想的未来,将生活视为一场悲剧;因为他懂得了无论自己カ量多大,也敌不过偶然的势力与他名之为众神的自然规律,也懂得了自己终有一死。然而晚年的人,如果恰如其分地扮演着他得到的角色,一定会将生活视为喜剧。因为他的各种胜利与失败汇合了起来,一边不比另一边更成为自豪或羞耻的理由;而他既不是战胜了势力的英雄,也不是被势力摧毁的主人公。像任何副总在演戏的贫乏可怜的皮囊,他领会到自己演过的角色太多以至于不再有本人可言。 (查看原文)
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  • No doubt he is a man of principle;yet I have observed that strong principle,coupled with a sour disposition,can be a cruel and inhuman virtue.For with that one can justify nearly anything to which the disposition leads him. I shall not subject you,my dear Sextus,to one of my disquisitions;but it seems to me more nearly true,as the years pass,that those old "virtues," of which the Roman professes himself to be so proud,and upon which,he insists,the greatness of the Empire is founded—it seems to me more and more that those "virtues" of rank,prestige,honor,duty,and piety have simply denuded man of his humanity. (查看原文)
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  • We both must have reached the age when we can take some ironic pleasure in the knowledge of the triviality into which our lives have finally descended. It was this ambition that caused the first estrangement between us,anestrangement that grew so deep that at one period of our lives I spoke to my wife only of topics upon which I had made careful notes,so that we might not have to undergo the additional burden of misunderstanding,real or imagined. It is fortunate that youth never recognizes its ignorance,for if it did it would not find the courage to get the habit of endurance.It is perhaps an instinct of the blood and flesh which prevents this knowledge and allows the boy to become the man who will live to see the folly of his existence. But at that first moment,Nicolaus,I felt nothing;it ... (查看原文)
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  • I have seen gladiators return to their quarters from the arena,covered with sweat and dust and blood,and weep like women over some small things—the death of a pet falcon,an unkind note from a lover,the loss of a favorite cloak.And in the stands I have seen the most respectable of matrons,her face distorted as she shouted for the blood of a hapless fighter,later in the quietness of her home care for her children and her servants with the utmost gentleness and affection. Thus if there runs in the blood of the most worldly Roman the rustic blood of his peasant ancestor,there runs also the wild blood of the most untamed northern barbarian;and both are ill-concealed behind the facade he has erected not so much to disguise himself from another as to mask himself against his own recognition. I c... (查看原文)
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  • 屋大维坐在我旁边,顽皮地把我的头推下甲衣; (查看原文)
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  • Octavius sits beside me, pushes my head playfully off the armor; (查看原文)
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  • 一个人去了操场彳亍的屋大维依然未返。 (查看原文)
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  • In the unsteady light of the lanterns, he might be an old man, with his voice and his gravity. (查看原文)
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  • 屋大维,轻轻地:“我舅公有一次跟我说,太审慎可能会像太鲁莽一样,是确定无疑的死亡之路。” (查看原文)
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  • Octavius, softly: "My uncle once told me that too much caution may lead to death as certainly as too much rashness." (查看原文)
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  • 记住,我的朋友,这是一个简单的演说,不是作诗。无论如何,你那学不来的迷宫似的绕弯文章,我还非得捋顺了不成。 (查看原文)
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  • 但是你要明白弑暴君者(这是他们的自称)当中有一些最负责任而且最受尊敬的罗马公民。 (查看原文)
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  • But you must understand that among the tyrannicides (as they call themselves) are some of the most responsible and respected citizens of Rome. 出于对他遇弑父亲的崇敬 (查看原文)
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  • Out of their veneration for his murdered father and their love for his son, (查看原文)
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  • 我都比我的醫師長命;我知道我不會比菲利浦斯長命,那是讓我感到些微安慰的。此外,我信任這小伙子。他對醫術似乎懂得不多;不過他當醫師的時間不長,不足以讓他學會裝模作樣,欺騙病人以增加自己的財富。我病在年事已高,他恐怕無法為我提供解藥,也不會準備那些療程來折磨我,那是多少人曾急著付款享用啊!我覺得他有一點焦慮,心中知道在他身旁的是他也嚴肅地視為統治全世界的君主;不過他不會對我奉承拍馬,他只關心我身體是否舒適,而不是像別人以為的在照顧我的健康。 親愛的尼科拉烏斯,我累了。那是因為我的年歲。我的左眼已經幾乎看不見了;不過如果我把它閉上,我可以看到東面海岸線上緩緩變化的地勢,那是曾經讓我傾慕不已的;在一段距離之外,我還可以認出某村舍的形狀和某些人在附近行動。我在閒暇時會在思索這些簡單純樸的人所過的謎樣生活。我覺得每個人的生活都是個謎,我也不例外。 菲利浦斯開始在動來動去了,並一臉擔憂的看著我。我很清楚知道他想要我停止手邊的事,他認為我是在工作,不是消遣。我會搶先一步不讓他糾纏,所以我要先停下來,並假裝休息了。 十九歲那年,我自發性的,並使用自己的經費組成了一支軍隊,使受盡派系分裂所蹂躪的共和體制重獲自由。為此元老院在蓋烏斯・龐薩與奧盧斯・希爾提烏斯任執政官期間頒發榮譽令,任命我為元老院一員,並得參與資深執政官的投票和指揮軍隊的權力。元老院也任命我為軍團統帥,與兩位執政官,「使共和國不再受到傷害」。同年由於兩位執政官在戰爭中為國捐軀,老百姓選我擔任執政官一職,以及三人同盟中一員,以維持憲政體制的穩定。 刺殺我父親的人,我已經將他們放逐,透過適當的法律程序懲罰他們的罪行;後來他們對共和國宣戰,我二度把他們擊敗⋯⋯。 我是這樣開始紀錄我的事蹟和我對羅馬的貢獻,那是今天早上我在信中有提起過的。我躺在長椅上裝睡了一個小時,好讓菲利浦斯的憂慮可以稍微緩和,在這段時間我在回想我的... (查看原文)
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