The Waste Land and Other Poems (Penguin Classics) 短评

  • 1 Adam 2020-02-04

    我第一次读的时候在zn课上,是那门课我唯一喜欢的东西,但是我一句也没有读懂,只是喜欢。很久以后读了他的critic,叹为观止,也释然了自己对18世纪英国文学的不待见,也逐渐喜欢上了John Donne. 企鹅的注解已经算很全,配合中译本中的注解,优秀的录音,以及靠理解进行的背诵……终于能把这些image串到一起。它很需要耐心。当你停下来思考,想象dry red Rock,想象that café……best thing ever. 没有固定的韵,但是流畅得难以置信。

  • 0 胡老板儿 2012-12-23

    坦白说 大部分内容没看懂意思 但描写实在漂亮

  • 0 蜜團 2008-10-04

    居然到現在才真的讀了下荒原.其餘的選詩更加喜歡,比如首篇:THE LOVE SONG OF J.ALFRED PRUFROCK.

  • 0 Ninggu 2015-12-12


  • 0 Maggieeee 2011-06-02

    penguin masterstudies of THe Waste Land. By Stephen Coote. Very useful in understanding this bloody boring obscure poem. I like the "Sources" part particularly, esp. the Golden Bough part.

  • 0 Heather W 2009-03-20


  • 0 thisibelieve 2018-04-07

    All our knowledge brings us nearer to our ignorance, All our ignorance brings us nearer to death, But nearness to death no nearer to God. Be not too curious of Good and Evil; Seek not to count the future waves of Time; But be ye satisfied that you have light And we thank Thee that darkness reminds us of light. (Choruses from "The Rock"节选)

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