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  • O(1) 的小乐

    O(1) 的小乐

    1 村上对这本书的定位就是 “Just a book in which I ponder various things and think out loud” 2 Pain is inevitable, Suffering is optional. The hurt part is an unavoidable reality, but whether or not you can stand any more is up to the runner himself. 3 One thing I noticed was that writing honestly about running and writing honestly about myself are nearly the same thing. 4 I stop e...   (1回应)

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  • 零度。领悟


    村上春树的这本书写的很励志,把跑步和人生,和人在前行过程中需要的品质联系起来,人生和跑步一样,需要意志力,需要忍耐力,需要你在追逐理想的过程中像热爱跑步一样,热爱自己追逐的东西,只有你热爱一件事,而不只是单纯靠意志力才能把事情做好。像烙印在自己永远不会褪去,你需要一个强大的信条去支持你。做事情需要我们的专注和忍耐力,这是成功最重要的因素。 像跑马拉松一样,我们只有不断挑战自我,我们才..

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  • [已注销]


    I expect that this winter I'll run another marathon somewhere in the world. And I'm sure some next summer I'll be out in another triathlon somewhere, giving it my best shot. Thus the seasons come and go, and the years pass by. I'll age one more year, and probably finish another novel. One by one, I'll face the tasks before me and complete them as best I can. Focusing on each stride forward, but at...

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  • [已注销]


    《当我谈跑步时我谈些什麽》的书名灵感正来自卡佛的What We Talk About When We TalkAbout Love)从1982年开始,他每天持续跑步至今,而且每年至少参加一次全程马拉松。这个习惯是他日常生活节奏的一部分,与身为小说家的身份紧紧连在一起。就像上班,早上五点前起床,先伏桉写作四五个小时,然后再换上鞋子出门练跑。不是一般的晨运,而是真真正正为了赛事累积运动量,是精密的状态调控,耐着性子的计画执行。为了什麽?为了...

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  • Lubeebear

    Lubeebear (人, 得自己成全自己。)

    ...I only began to enjoy studying after I got through the educational system and became a so-called member of society...It takes a lot of time to acquire a skill this way, and you go through a lot of trial and error, but what you learn sticks with you.

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  • halopan

    halopan (坚持,十年有成)

    It might be a little silly for someone getting to be my age to put this into words, but I just want to make sure I get the facts down clearly: I'm the kind of person who likes to be by himself. To put a finer point on it, I'm the the type of person who doesn't find it painful to be alone. I find spending an hour or two every day running alone, not speaking to anyone, as well as four or five hours ...

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  • 我曾经来过


    准备每天5页左右的读下去,像书上说的:to keep on going ,you have to keep up the rhythm. The point is whether or not I improved over yesterday.

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  • 十六盏


    It just goes to show how grueling an event a marathon really is. grueling , adj.: characterized by toilsome effort to the point of exhaustion; especially physical effort a grueling campaign 使极度疲劳的 Here it is: Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional. Running is sort of a vague theme to begin with, and I found it hard to figure out exactly what I should say about it. vague: not clear in ...

    2019-04-03 12:55

  • Sunny


    I'm struck by how, except when you're young, you really need to prioritize in life, figuring out in what order you should divide up your time and energy. If you don't get that sort of system set by a certain age, you'll lack focus and your life will be out of balance. I placed the highest priority on the srot oflife that lets me focus on wiritng, not associating with all the people around me. I...

    2018-08-15 09:44

  • Sunny


    To keep on going, you have to keep up the rhythm. This is the important thing for long-term projects. Once you set the pace, the rest will follow. The problem is getting the flywheel to spin at a set speed - and to get to that point takes as much concentration and effort as you can manage. The energetic ones were zipping down the road, slicing through the air like they had robbers at their heel...

    2018-07-23 01:56

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