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    In sum, learning without understanding was characterized either by lack of transfer of the principle to cases where it applied or by inappropriate transfer to cases where it did not apply. Understanding, Perkins states, involves knowing three things: (1) the structure of what we want to understand; (2) the purpose of the structure; and (3) the arguments about why the structure serves the purpos...

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    Rational does not mean, here, a kind of thinking that denies emotions and desires: It means, the kind of thinking we would all want to do, if we were aware of our own best interests, in order to achieve our goals. A decision is a choice of action — of what to do or not do. Decisions are made to achieve goals, and they are based on beliefs about what actions will achieve the goals. Decisions de...

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    In short, normative models tell us how to evaluate judgments and decisions in terms of their departure from an ideal standard. Descriptive models specify what people in a particular culture actually do and how they deviate from the normative models. Prescriptive models are designs or inventions, whose purpose is to bring the results of actual thinking into closer conformity to the normative mod...

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    Descriptive models:描述普通的思考 Prescriptive models:描述有指导的思考 Normative models:描述系统性的思考

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    We search for three kinds of objects: possibilities, evidence, and goals. Fun. Interested in the differences between this search-inference framework and the search algorithms in CS. recall / get from an external aid --(analogy)-> objects. Naive theories are also important.

    2012-12-29 20:07

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    feel really connected when it talks about the conflict between a present self and a future self. how true that can be. it's never a war between self and others but the war with different self,with ur ego. another sentence i'd like to share is: the simplest way of trying to shape our goals is to behave as if we already had them. but how difficult it can be!and when you are able to do that, it fe...   (3回应)

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