FAHRENHEIT 451华氏四百五十一度的书评 (2)

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2010年,列兵时期,在七月份,我看完了这本书,然后抑制不住激动的心情,写了一篇长的读书笔记或者说评论,因为写得实在是又臭又长,所以至今也没有把原稿誊到网络上,真是觉得自己懒得不行了。 言归正传,这本小书虽然只有四万五千字,但是看得我很难受,很震撼,很压抑也...  (展开)
微颸 2020-03-09 11:40:40

The temperature at which book paper catch fire and burns

To be honest, this book is probably the most high-demanded book that I have ever read. The vocabulary of this book is quite difficult, and sometimes even I checked out all the words, I still could not understand the whole sentence. However, it is not a chor...  (展开)

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