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  • 风细细™

    风细细™ (问世间是否此山最高)

    潮州的一家做瓷器的,高墙大院,有监控摄像头,因为有太多的秘密。老板Kavin的手段:1. 员工中相同省份的不超过1/4;2. 雇佣超过需要的人数,因为人少了员工会觉得自己很重要……居然还有Spy……派去买竞争对手的东西。对海外的大公司,价钱低,因为他们有自己的图纸;对于小公司,很高的价钱,用大公司过时的图纸……

    2012-05-05 16:14   2人喜欢

  • 捕风


    作者又没有提到,南中国的民营企业是被美国进口商一步一步整垮的? 先是增加订单,要求扩大产能;最后一手订单,一手降价谈判;民营企业最后骑虎难下:要么做一个订单,亏一个订单,要么破产(拿不到订单)

    2012-06-12 11:45   1人喜欢

  • 抽抽经会被虐

    抽抽经会被虐 (好坏参半)

    The deodrant was not going to be easy to make; the factory knew it. But, rather than working on the chemical part first, they went ahead and probably spent thousands of dollars to create the casing. It was entirely backwards. but this was how manufacters in China build their products, - from the outside in.

    2014-07-29 00:31

  • 一叶渡江

    一叶渡江 (现在的我常常在时间面前感到无力)

    Page 138 China’s government was totalitarian and overbearing ,and yet the media also reported that the Chinese people were among the most contented in the world.Had the communist party succeeded in building its”harmonious society”,or were it's citizens suffering from a mass-scale Stockholm Syndrome ? Page 139 At one time ,china had a reputation of innovation ,having invented paper,gunpowder an...

    2012-12-02 23:29

  • Dreamette


    The factory understood the notion of pleasing customers when they were just starting out, or when they were struggling along, but that was just feigned modesty, part of the stagecraft, a means of catching business. Once the manufacturer achieved a degree of success, it saw itself in the imperial role, while relegating its importer to that of a mere supplicant.

    2012-09-02 12:09

  • 捕风


    Westerners who visited China for the first time had no problem coming away with the impression that China was enormous. They popped into cities like Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou, and they imagined a similar urban density cast out over a landmass the size of the United States. They guessed that China was uniformly populous, without stepping away from these coastal, dense urban centers. They did...

    2012-07-06 13:02

  • 捕风


    Working in manufacturing had caused me to lose faith. When clients came to China, we spent long days and nights together. At one point or another, I began asking importers if they had doubts of their own. Even before product recalls made global headlines, importers that I worked with admitted that they saw uncertainty with China‐made goods. They did what they could, but shrugged off any real sens...   (5回应)

    2012-07-02 12:04

  • 捕风


    “China was an agrarian culture. For thousands of years, its farmers struggled through floods, droughts, and resulting famines. R. H. Tawney, a British historian, said that the life of the peasants was so precarious that it was lived as if they were up to their necks in water, that the slightest ripple would drown millions. Chinese farmers learned to make use of every inch of land, while looking o...   (1回应)

    2012-06-28 15:14

  • 捕风


    For many Americans who claimed that they liked the idea of eating authentic Chinese food in China, the novelty quickly wore off and they soon enough sought fare that was more familiar. 对于许多宣称他们喜欢吃真正的中国食品的美国人来说,这种新鲜感很快消退,他们不久就开始对寻找更熟悉的食物更感兴趣

    2012-06-21 11:11

  • 捕风


    To get around the problem, the factory created 10 different samples with varying levels of the active ingredient.为了对付这个问题,工厂生成了10种不同的样品,这些样品有不同有效的成份 This time, nine of the results came back as failed, and one passed. The factory sent the successful result to Johnson Carter, and the company sent it to the retailer. When the retailer received the positive test res...

    2012-06-13 16:41

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