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  • 红色有角F叔

    红色有角F叔 (次元の呪い)

    On the other hand, many start-up CFOs (including ours) will tell you that it's worth paying a little more to maintain flexibility and degrees of freedom -- which s3 offers. That flexibility matters more than whether those expenses are counted as operating expenses or capital expenses. 所以财务同学也同样喜欢云计算? Q.Q

    2015-05-12 21:53

  • 红色有角F叔

    红色有角F叔 (次元の呪い)

    Experience is, in its very essence, making good judgements, and it is gained by making bad ones. Watching theory and practice collide is both scary and beautiful. Knowledge can be considered the studying of experience of others. You have the information but have not grasped the deeper meaning that is gained by directly experiencing the causality. The deeper meaning allows you to apply the les...

    2015-05-09 23:21

  • 络绎很无聊地

    络绎很无聊地 (蠢哭了...)

    ## Take infrastructure as another application. Kind of make me feel easier about DevOps work. And it shouldn't be as hard as I imagine... ## Version control Not only the functional code, but also the server config files. ## Configuration management and automated deployments ## Monitoring ## Dev-test-prod lifecycle, continuous integration, and disaster recovery ## Radiate informati...

    2013-12-15 11:52

  • dinny

    dinny (回牛 | 观察员)

    这部分内容介绍了Picnik如何在服务处理中混用亚马逊的云平台和自建服务器来提供服务的。自建服务器和云平台各自都有一些优势。在选型时,先检查该平台提供的服务能否满足自己的业务需要,以及是否会带来较大的开销(如流量、存储、维护等方面的成本),然后再针对该平台暴露出来的问题做一些补充性措施。 中间也有对亚马逊云服务的一些吐槽。作者的整体体验是,亚马逊的云平台还基本靠谱,偶尔也会出一些问题。所以应用服务器、...

    2013-10-13 15:33

  • dinny

    dinny (回牛 | 观察员)

    这本书看上去有点像会议文集,每个人介绍独立的一部分内容,然后由编者按照他认为合理的顺序组织起来。书的内容看着很精彩,不过也有一些瑕疵,从写书的角度看的话。 第一章介绍了运维职业自身,并讲了职业面临的挑战和未来的发展,还有运维人员应有的素养。编者没有介绍作者,我就顺便google了一下Theo Schlossnagle。他个人介绍的链接我贴在这里:http://omniti.com/is/theo-schlossnagle 。值得一提的是,他就是Scalable Int...

    2013-10-05 22:30

  • Leechael

    Leechael (槲寄生一株)

    Web operations is broad; I would argue almost unacceptably broad. A very skilled engineer must know every commonly deployed technology at a considerable depth. The engineer is responsible for operating a given architecture within the described parameters (usually articulated in a service-level agreement, or SLA). The problem is that architecture is, by it's very definition, everything. Everything ...

    2012-08-04 11:27



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