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  • sappleing


    之前在为画图困扰的时候,曾经找到这样一个网站:http://www.statmethods.net/。今天才知道这个网站居然是本书作者当年学习R的学习笔记。我曾一度以为写这种语言类书籍的多半是该语言的开发者,但实际上,很多牛逼的语言类书籍作者,都只是该语言的资深使用者而已。这位作者当年为了应付面试临时抱佛脚学习了R,而后写出了自己当年想看却没有的R学习笔记,被出版商看中,受邀写出这样一本今天被广大R初学者广泛传看的书籍。这个故..   (3回应)

    2012-11-30 06:26   2人喜欢

  • 二喵


    额。。。 一边看书一边想着origin改图例的方法,还是可视化更方便简单一点,可能是因为我笨吧 额。。。

    2017-03-15 19:45

  • MissAiyo

    MissAiyo (sense and sensibility)

    variable[condition]<-expression assignment will be made when condition is true. 代码都是为了加强记忆瞎敲的,不要复制! leadership<- within(leadership, { agecat <- NA agecat[age>75 mydata <- transform(mydata, sumx=x1+x2) reshape package has a rename() function that's useful for altering the names of variables. the format of the rename() function is rename(dataframe, ...

    2015-07-06 14:18

  • MissAiyo

    MissAiyo (sense and sensibility)

    /代码内容已省略/ where infile is the name of the file containing R code to be executed, outfile is the name of the file receiving the output, and options lists options that control execution. By convention, infile is given the extension .R and outfile is given the extension .Rout.

    2015-06-19 14:09

  • MissAiyo

    MissAiyo (sense and sensibility)

    By default, launching R starts an interactive session with input from the keyboard and output to the screen. But you can also process commands from a script file and direct output to a variety of destinations. Input source ("filename") eg. source ("myscript.R") if the filename does not include a path, the file is assumed to be in the current working directory. Output ...

    2015-06-19 13:33

  • 败走恶犬

    败走恶犬 (Zyy)

    可以想见作者写书时的万恶嘴脸~ 派生的段子可以有:我们可以管这个定理叫勾股定理,但叫“毕达哥拉斯定理”让我感觉自己很牛逼~

    2015-03-19 13:51



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