Writing Women in Late Imperial China 短评

  • 1 Jade 2015-12-08

    Textbook. A must read for students of women's literature. Two of the contributors are my ex-advisor and almost-to-be advisor

  • 0 素馨 2013-04-09


  • 0 电露泡影 2014-12-23

    Part IV Dream of the Red Chamber Haun Saussy "Women's Writing Before and Within the Hong lou meng" Wu Hung "Beyond Stereotypes: The Twelve Beauties in Qing Court Art and the Dream of the Red Chamber"

  • 1 我是黑撒 2016-08-06

    Nancy Armstrong 最后那篇很有意思,然而她看上去只对Widmer那篇感兴趣。。。

  • 0 我是纤纤杨柳风 2014-10-26

    impressive, informative and important!

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